Toby knows Santa! 30+ years as full time family and children's entertaining expert.

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Des Moines, Iowa
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Toby is has a magical soul that breaths life into Santa Clause. Alan Guy

From the first moment our autistic child connected with Santa.
That's not easy, but when you're the real Santa it must just be a gift. Jeff Turner


We will have you back next year. And the next year. And the next. Malinda Prawn
Customized pricing per client's needs.
Mrs. Claus and Elves availability at additional price.
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With a real beard, an inviting soul and a love of laughter, Toby makes Santa real. Unique! Memorable!
Toby's full time job is making people happier.
Why rent an amateur when you can buy a professional?
What makes Toby so perfect to be your Santa;
- 200 educational school shows a year
- advanced degrees in Education
- Properly and fully insured
- Tailored suite with all costume accessories
- offers much more than a "What do you want for Christmas" experience.
Toby KID Klauenberg is a Full-Time Professional Children's Entertainer with over 30 years experience entertaining children & families across America (48 states)!

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