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Macedonia, Ohio
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Santa Phillip can visit your Charity Event, Private Party, Elementary School, Nursery School, Corporate Gatherings - Employee Christmas Party, Retail Events, Civic Functions, Parades, Tree Lighting. Christmas in July: Retirement Centers - Clubs - Holiday Trips.
Deliver your Special Gifts: Engagement Ring, New Car, Truck, Motorcycle.
Establish that Memorable Event with the Magic of Santa. Breakfast/Lunch with Santa.
My pricing is flexible for the event.

Non-profits, schools, military I ask for goodwill offering to cover travel costs.
Home, family, private event, PTA, PTO, HOA, social group, is $65 for a visit up to an hour, and same each over an hour.
Commercial, business, promotional, acting, advertising, contract required, is $125 an hour.
Travel over half hour is $50 an hour.
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Santa Phillip is a real-beard Santa who has been a Polar Express Santa for 12 years.

If you put presents on the porch, Santa will put them in his red bag and carry them inside, as he “arrives” ringing sleigh bells.
Other prearranged options: Pass out bells, candy canes, party favors. Leave a bell or a letter to each child.

Santa, as your time permits, can read a story or present a special gift, of your choice. Pick out books ahead of time please. Santa can sight read most any story/scripture you have; he has a trained announcer voice; he can read/receive wish lists.

Other sample activities: Have kids fill out a wish list and put the lists in a North Pole mailbox; sing along with Christmas Carols.

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